Our "Cart" never comes before the Horse! We don't release anything to the public that we ourselves aren't willing to use!


Quickly and efficiently testing and completing all phases of our Research and Development to roll out the best products and services to you!


With our constant Research we are always developing New Strategies to pass along to our clients and use ourselves!

Our Mission

Economic times are tough. Unemployment at an all time high, small businesses owners being forced to close shop, tax increases, and inflation. With all the technology advancements, why are prices continuing to go up? Unfortunately, we can't answer that, but we can help do our part.

We bring modern technology to you at an unbeatable price. We've done the research, tested the products, even use the equipment and service for our own system. Yes, we are one of the few companies that use our own products and services...if it's good enough for you, then it's good enough for us! Join us today to start saving more money, and why not also take a look at our Affiliate program? We are more than happy to pay people for referring others to our consulting services.

SPARE (Secure, Portable, Affordable, Reliable, Eco Friendly) yourself! From costly, unconventional, unreliable, insecure, tied-down, methods!

What you get from us with your consultation:
Free Device (an 'unlocked' device you can use w/ ANY SIP/VOIP provider - as long as they are willing to give you the 'credentials')
Free Shipping
Free DID (Direct inward Dial - "a phone number")
Free Provisioning (your device will be setup w/ a DID and Emergency Service)
1 Year warranty on the device hardware
Telephone support from the manufacturer

What you need:
Electricity (to plug the device into)
High Speed Internet (DSL/Cable/ISDN/T1/T3/etc)
An available Ethernet port on your modem or router
A Telephone (also referred to as an analog telephone - corded or cordless)
Emergency Service Activation (your device is setup for Emergency Services, but you have to activate it if you want to be able to dial 911 - currently @ 80 cents/month)

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Recent News

Launch of Site
INLO Enterprises has ended it's testing phase and appreciates all the assistance and feedback provided by the BETA testers. We are now launching the site and offering the service to anyone in the USA ... more to come
Major Service Provider
Google has announced FREE calling will continue again in the USA and Canada for the upcoming year... more